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I'm Dave... your not-so-friendly neighborhood banker! I work all day foreclosing homes and repossessing property from losers like yourself who can't pay their bills on time. Once I get off, I continue the fun by taking your hard earned cash and draining your spirit for my pure pleasure! One of NiteFlirt's most respected financial domination masters specializing in all manners of financial servitude.
We are living in a tough economy. As such, we all have to
make sacrifices...
WELL... everyone except for myself, of

In order to economize, and make things better for me,
which is after all, your sole purpose in life,
you will agree
to a mandatory salary / benefits cut.

This service requires monitoring of your pay stubs
you will submit to me every pay period.

Your pay stub will be reviewed for net income and

enefits, and you'll be required to submit tribute for the
of your mandatory pay cut percentage.
TERMS OF AGREEMENT: Upon submission of your application fee, you will receive a form to complete detailing your current employment
status, as well as basic contact information, and average pay check / benefits per pay period. This information will be kept strictly confidential
and will only be used for the monitoring of this agreement. Per the terms of the agreement, you will be required to either email a scanned copy
or mail a printed copy of your pay stub every pay period. Once received, your pay stub will be reviewed and a statement will be issued to you
in the amount of your pay cut. You have 48 hours to submit payment for this pay cut. Failure to pay the cut back statement within this grace
period time frame will result in a $25.00 NSF Service Charge being added to your total statement cost. This agreement will remain in effect
indefinitely, or until terminated by Banker Dave. This agreement can be self terminated at any time by submitting a termination fee twice ( 2 x )
the value of the original application fee.