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I'm Dave... your not-so-friendly neighborhood banker! I work all day foreclosing homes and repossessing property from losers like yourself who can't pay their bills on time. Once I get off, I continue the fun by taking your hard earned cash and draining your spirit for my pure pleasure! One of NiteFlirt's most respected financial domination masters specializing in all manners of financial servitude.
The NASDAQ Stock Market, also known as simply the
NASDAQ, is an American stock exchange. "NASDAQ"
originally stood for National Association of Securities
Dealers Automated Quotations.

It is the second-largest stock exchange by market
capitalization in the world, after the New York Stock

The exchange is owned by NASDAQ OMX Group, which
also owns the OMX stock exchange network.
One of my all time favorite investment vehicles are publicly traded stocks. While
playing the stock market may not be a option for most people, for me, it represents
one of the best means of financial security and saving for my future.

While I wouldn't advise the general public to engage in high intensity day trading, I
on the other hand have it pretty much under control. I'm no Warren Buffet, but I can
hold my own.

I invest quite a bit of my own money in individual stocks, along with my 401K and
separate mutual funds. I also have segregated funds which I use for day trading...
and I've chosen to allow my loyal followers the opportunity to further my wealth by
purchasing additional stocks which I hold in my day trading portfolio. To prove how
much of a financial asset you are, you are encouraged to open your own trading
account with the First National Bank of Dave.

I, of all people, know the importance of diversifying my portfolio.
Therefore, you can
further my personal wealth and assets by investing in these stocks. To the left you
will find all the stocks which are currently held in my portfolio.

With your trading account, you will be purchasing stocks readily purchased for my
own account. Through your account, you can make purchases of stocks based on
current prices and share will be added to your portfolio, which is in turn, my portfolio.

Unlike our traditional account where assignments and tasks are added on a regular
basis, the FNBD Stock Trading Account allows you to purchase stocks at will, when
you are financially able to do so, without the fear of repercussion due to account

Fees for this account are as follows:

There is a $20.00 fee for account creation. This is a one-time fee used to enable your
online trading account with the First National Bank of Dave.

There is a $5.00 / month account maintenance fee which will be applied to account
which have no new stock purchases within a calender month.

There is a $4.00 Market Trade Fee which is applied to each new order of common
stock, regardless if self initiated or broker assisted.

Lastly, there is a $5.00 Fee which will be applied to any purchase orders requiring
Broker assistance.

If you are ready to prove yourself as a financial asset to Banker Dave, click the
button below to pay your account fee and open your account.