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I'm Dave... your not-so-friendly neighborhood banker! I work all day foreclosing homes and repossessing property from losers like yourself who can't pay their bills on time. Once I get off, I continue the fun by taking your hard earned cash and draining your spirit for my pure pleasure! One of NiteFlirt's most respected financial domination masters specializing in all manners of financial servitude.
A hedge fund is an investment fund that can undertake a
wider range of investment and trading activities than
other funds, but which is generally only open to certain
types of investors specified by regulators. These
investors are typically institutions, such as pension funds,
university endowments and foundations, or
high-net-worth individuals, who are considered to have
the knowledge or resources to understand the nature of
the funds. As a class, hedge funds invest in a diverse
range of assets, but they most commonly trade liquid
securities on public markets. They also employ a wide
variety of investment strategies, and make use of
techniques such as short selling and leverage.

Hedge funds are typically open-ended, meaning that
investors can invest and withdraw money at regular,
specified intervals. The value of an investment in a hedge
fund is calculated as a share of the fund's net asset value,
meaning that increases and decreases in the value of the
fund's investment assets (and fund expenses) are directly
reflected in the amount an investor can later withdraw.
Hedge Fund
Make an investment in the Banker Dave hedge fund.
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